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Welcome to joe.to

joe.to is an on-line gaming community dedicated to providing a fun place to play your favourite games. All our servers - games, web, forums, etc. are provided by our players on a voluntary basis, as is the time spent administering them. If you want to join us, just pick a server & play! (more about joe.to)


Comcast, ATT, Verizon, are taking away an open internet

Comcast and other ISPs are allowing there interconnects to become over saturated and not installing new peer connections. This makes services slower for end users. Instead of keeping customers happy they are requiring corporations to supplement the cost that the end users are already paying for an "Internet Fast Lane".

If you ever wondered why you have been getting worse pings and lag lately this is why. It degrades ALL other services and if you aren't big enough to pay for a fast lane you don't get the speeds required or the end users are paying for.

This will degrade and destroy independent game server operators since latency and jitter are the two killers for competitive online play. This would then require services like BF4 rental where you pay exorbitant amount of money per player and don't actually have control of the service or plugins. As an example we only pay $115 for a real physical server and a Virtual Private Server, we can and do whatever we want with them. This allows us to run custom content, game mods, and other services with out fear of sudden increases in cost or degradation of service.

I urge you to Call the FCC and complain along with your Senator and Congressperson. If not call Email them.

Classifying ISPs as a service like Telephones requires that service not be unduly interrupted and they must share there network with competitors fairly.

Rueters is the source.

EDIT: Added EFF Form Email Link

Posted by scobywhru | Thu 15 May 15:53 PST | Discuss

New servers!

We started two new servers this week.


First, Starbound. If you want to join, follow the instructions in the post below.



Second, a new RPG themed Minecraft server.


Posted by rottencheeseCA | Mon 20 Jan 20:15 PST | Discuss

Forums SteamID Integration

Over the past few hours, I've been working on integrating SteamIDs into the forums, and I now have it functional. You can set your SteamID in your User Control Panel under the Profile option. You'll notice that once you've assigned your forum account a SteamID that it will appear under your name on every post you make on the forums, as well as when viewing your profile.

We'll also more than likely be using this integration in the future for any type of access on the Source servers (reserved slot, admin, donor, etc).

If, for whatever reason, you want to change the SteamID associated with your forum account, you can feel free to do so. Just note that all changes are being logged, so those caught changing their SteamID with malicious intentions will be fed to The Great Spider punished accordingly.


The option to hide your SteamID has been provided. You can do this in your User Control Panel under the Board Preferences option.

Posted by bl4nk | Tue 14 Jan 22:02 PST | Discuss

The Locals Ep. 6 & Toy Drive

Episode 6 "Head Space Warriors" was released a few weeks ago on Zeurel's channel. You can watch it below:

As the animators work on the last two episodes of Season 1, we have a bunch of community driven projects coming soon as well.
- 3D Printed toys & busts of Locals characters
- 50 to 100 posters of Nickelbonk & The Locals
- A purely SFM musical mini-episode is in the works


Posted by stabbyclaus | Tue 26 Mar 08:31 PST | Discuss

MechWarrior Online is a good free game

from http://wordoflowtax.com/ - download at http://mwomercs.com/ (only 1.7GB)


Now that MechWarrior Online has moved into open beta, the terrible truth can finally be told. The truth that some of us beta testers have been sitting on since we got accepted back in May. The terrible, horrible truth that caused PGI to keep the NDA shutters slammed shut for so long.

MWO is a good game.

No, really, it is. You might assume that they kept the lid on the drum because there were glaring flaws, or that the mechanics were unsatisfying, or that it was fundamentally broken in some way. But it's not. It's a MechWarrior game in look and feel as well as in name. It's got the "I'm driving a stompy thirty foot deathbot" thing down pat; it's difficult to express neatly, but there's something in the weight and momentum of the mechs that just feels right. The sound design is great too, from the obvious stuff like the weapons (the clearly dubstep-inspired pulse lasers are great, as is the solid thump of an autocannon firing) to the more subtle stuff like the ratcheting of gears when you twist your mech's cockpit around. If there's anything more satisfying in a game than the feeling that accompanies triggering off an ammo explosion in your target and watching their limbs fly off as they crash to the ground, I would like to be pointed in its direction....(continued in discussion)

http://www.mwomercs.com <--- download and get free account here

Posted by prolix | Mon 11 Feb 18:06 PST | Discuss

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