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Chicken Plugin has moved!
new chickenmod version includes peck attack, chicken grenade, and Linux support!

get it here: - dernière version de chickenmod
chickenmod forums - forum de discussion

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Chicken Plugin!
requires 1.3 Counter-Strike server running AdminMod on a win32 platform (a .dll file is included which will not run on linux)

(updated on 2/18) - download it (latest version: 0.92)
(updated on 2/18) - Linux Versions

New Version includes:

All i ask in return for using this plugin is that you post a screenshot of your players having fun with it.

discussion forum

This plugin gives CS admins two new commands:


The chicken is the model from cs_italy. The only thing players have to download is the 5 sounds (which you can edit or replace if you wish). In fact on cs_italy a good tactic for the chicken is to stand where the chickens normally are, and the enemy will usually ignore you


The command can be used as a punishment (for campers, etc.) or as a reward (for an excellent stupid move).
You can also Chicken the VIP on vip maps. They get 50 more health, and are harder to aim at, but have no way to communicate or attack.

If you want to work on the source code, please let us know first, as this is not the final version and your changes will be lost in future versions unless you work with us to merge your code in. If you want additional features you can write it and send us the code, or wait for the final version and release a modification to it or addon.

If you want to work on a Linux version, you should tell us on our forums or the adminmod forums because others are working on it concurrently.

Coming soon:

and more :)

No payment necessary (but donations are happily accepted - just click the paypal button )

Sample sounds and screenshots

sample sounds - chicken1.wav - chicken2.wav - and 3 more inside
sample screenshots - (click for larger image)

this chicken is the VIP - he escaped a few seconds later
(the helicopter is rainbow because i am using's anticrash models)

i went a little crazy - i tried to chicken everyone on the server.

a few seconds later - you can see seven chickens at once!

here you can see the underside of said chicken.

the front of the chicken.

this chicken would proceed to rescue all four hostages and win the round!

chickens can still use the voicecomm, if it is enabled on the server.