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About joe.to


Joe was on the internet in 1994, when he first saw NCSA mosaic while working at PG&E tech support. At the time there were less than a hundred websites in the whole world, and hardly anyone used internet email. He had many lunch conversations wondering what amazing things were about to happen - maybe everyone would have their own website? seems silly now but back then, it was an incredible, impossible thought. He had a chance to work at yahoo when it was still small (employee #40 or so) but didn't see how they would ever make any money. Back then yahoo only listed a few categories on one page, and lycos was the only search engine.

He found cyborganic and spacebar, one of the first internet communities, and made a home there. he considered getting a url but didn't have a use for it until 1996 when he registered www.joe.to at the brand new tonga registry. by 1998 he had given out dozens of user accounts on joe.to and had a thriving community including websites and a telnet chat system based on telechat, similar to spacebar. However, between occasional disconnections, users trying to hack his boxen and other problems, joe.to came down in 1999.

The modern era

In 2000 joe.to was reborn to support joe's growing interest in counter-strike. He started a server that rapidly grew in popularity before most of the common plugins existed. some of his contributions to counter-strike include:
  • Helping beta-test many popular maps (you can find joe's name in the credits of de_survivor, for example).
  • Writing the first clear documentation on modifying maps to support 32 players.
  • Running a popular c-s server for over three years, on which many clans (and friendships) have been formed.
  • Creating Chicken Mod, the half-life metamod plugin that allows admins to punish or reward players by turning them into chickens.
Most recently joe helped form the oe clan to compete in professional counter-strike leagues.

joe.to Yesterday

These days joe.to is more about providing communication for our community than about counter-strike. We play empire earth, desert combat, and other games as much or more than we play counter-strike. However, when hl2/cs2 comes out, that might change!

Joe has also moved on from CS, immersing himself in Final Fantasy XI to the exclusion of almost everything else. If you want to drop Joe a line you can email him or visit the forums. If you play FFXI and want to get in touch with him, your best bet is to contact him in his FFXI linkshells (http://na.joe.to, http://pinkcandy.joe.to) or at the Dreams in Vana'diel forums (FFXIOnline.com).

In joe's continued absence, the day-to-day running of the joe.to community has been taken on by knoid. He has some plans to help grow the community, including:
  • Renting a dedicated server on the West Coast to finally put cs.joe.to on a decent connection
  • Renting a dedicated server on the East Coast
  • Using those dedicated servers to add a UT2k4 server and possibly a BF:V server to the joe.to server lineup
  • Renting a Ventrilo server dedicated solely to the joe.to community
  • Encouraging joe.to regulars to donate toward the monthly server upkeep (joe.to will never be pay-to-play - any donations will always be entirely voluntary)
Click on a game server above for information about that server, or join the IRC channel to arrange non-server based games (Empire Earth, Diablo II, Total Annihilation, WarCraft 3 etc.)

If you want to get in touch with knoid, you can email him, send him a PM via the forums, or most evenings you can find him in the IRC channel.

joe.to Today

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow.

joe.to Tomorrow

Knoid died, and well, people stopped caring. I think only a few monkeys and cucumbers showed up at his funeral, and stole his carcass, which settled some remaining server charges he had to pay off (his sexual pleasures somehow got infected back with the Y2k incident, which reduced our income).

Now joe.to basically has no admins, and no users, except a couple of youngn's that kant spiel wotrh jaek. And they all got sued by the RIAA for downloading movies, from a guy named NIPPER in Korea.

The joe.to registry will probably be sold to an old pervert trying to seduce young boys into meeting him behind the local kentucky walmart. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

So long and thanks for all the fish.
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